CNC Mini Gang Tool Turning Machine


We have introduced Gang tool type CNC tuurning machine for micro components production work, to meet performance with economy with agility.

Ideal for any type of material hard soft, ferrous, non ferrous, Plastics, composites

Following are brief specification of this Gang Tool CNC turning machine

  • Nos. of controlled axis : 2 Axis Simultaneous, 6 + 1 axis expandable / Live Axis Ready
  • Working : 300MM X, 150MM Z by Precision LM Guide-ways & Ball-Screws
  • Max turning Diameter : Ø50MM x150MM L
  • Spindle :Super Precision Cartridge type 1000RPM-8000RPM Variable [Custom Power & RPM Available to match your requirements]
  • Chuck Type : ER40 collet or 4″ 3Jaw precision Self centering chuck [Hydraulic chuck on request]
  • Referencing : Automatic Homing of all axis at machine startup, software limit implemented for error free over travel limit reset
  • Resolution : 0.0001MM or INCH unit
  • Programming : STD ISO G-Code, M-Code
  • Axis Feed control : 0-300% of programmed feed in increment of 1%
  • Spindle Speed control : 0-300% of programmed RPM
  • Spindle Control : By M3-4-5 group Code
  • Coolant Control : By M7-8-9 group Code
  • JOG Control : Incremental move and continuous move with 0-100% adjustable feed rate
  • Screen : 15.6” 16.7M High Contrast LED Display
  • Tool path display : 7” Color
  • Program memory : Practically unlimited program memory up-to 40GB of free space
  • External Program Input : VIA LAN or USB Storage Devices