HIWIN Linear Guideway

A linear guide-way facilitates linear movement using ball bearings. Thanks to the use of ball bearings between the rail and the block, it is possible for a linear guide-way to achieve extremely precise linear movement. In comparison with a conventional guide rail, the friction coefficient is only one fiftieth. Due to the restricted guidance of the block on the rail the linear guide-way can carry loads in vertical and horizontal directions.

Free of play
High precision
High load ratings and rigidity in all directions
Low friction losses even with preload by optimized ball tracks and 2-point contact

Linear guide-ways are available as either interchangeable or non-interchangeable versions. The dimensions of both models are identical. The interchangeable models are more user friendly, as the block and rail can be replaced freely. However, accuracy is lower than that of the non-interchangeable models. Due to the strict control of dimensional accuracy, the interchangeable models are a good choice for customers not using pairs of rails on a stage. The article numbers include the dimensions, model, accuracy class and preload class etc.