Shimpo VRSF Precision Servo Gearbox

The intelligent selection when requiring a higher performance planetary gearbox at an ultimate value for your standard duty applications. The VRSF utilizes a lightweight aluminum frame, helical cut gears, and a bearing span that provides the best level of precision and torque carrying capacity in its competitive class. The noise level generated by the VRSF is greatly reduced in comparison to any other competitor’s economy class series that relies on spur gearing.

The VRSF can be selected with one of three backlash levels – Standard backlash at 15 arc/min, Reduced backlash at 5 arc/min, and Precision backlash at 3 arc/min.

The series is available in four frame sizes (B, C, D, E) which has a peak output torque of 91 Nm across a variety of ratios. The VRSF is the ideal choice for any OEM manufacturing in larger volume, and where accuracy is important and the duty cycle is not overly extreme. The VRSF has been very popular in applications such as mobile robotics, standard packaging machinery, medical equipment, and other types of enclosed food processing applications.

Shimpo VRSF

Product Features

  1. High-precision with backlash 0.05° (three arc-minutes); low-backlash 0.08° (five arc-minutes) or less certified
  2. Smooth rotation and less pulsation; due to utilizing helical gearing
  3. Maintenance free with long-life grease; the sealed structure allows for mounting in any orientation
  4. Every possible countermeasure against grease leakage taken; including impregnation of the case and air leak test
  5. IP65 rating; extremely popular in washdown and food grade environments
  6. Various optional features allowed; such as different coatings, plating, and grease varieties