Mini CNC VMC Drilling/Milling 3D/2D 24000RPM Pentograph

Machine Specifications:

  • Machine Working Area = 400x 200y 120z
  • Table Size = 500x 280y 150z with 4 Nos of T slot
  • Spindle = High Frequency Inbuilt motor 6000-24000RPM 1.5KW Self Cooled
    ER16 Collet System,
    Optional Belt Driven Spindle for Heavy Cutting
  • Minimum Cutter = Ø0.2MM
    Maximum cutter = Ø6.0MM for 1.5KW HF spindle, Ø10MM for 2.2KW HF Spindle, Ø12MM for 3.0KW HF Spindle
  • Delta make High frequency Spindle VFD
  • Axis = Hiwin make Double Nut Ball screw
    Hiwin make Preloaded LM Guide-ways,
  • Axis Motor = Direct Coupled Schneider Make  Advanced Digital AC Servo
  • Rapid Speed = 12Mtr/Min
  • Cutting Speed = 4Mtr/Min

CNC and Electronics:

  • VCAM 4Axis Simultaneous CNC Controller.
  • Optional Hust/ Mitsubishi CNC Controllers
  • Unlimited Program memory i.e. 40GB of space
  • Fastest 3D program processing in class
  • Feed Control = 0-300%
  • Spindle Speed Control = 0-300%
  • Recirculating Cutting oil Enabled Structure
  • Program Feed Via USB
  • Advanced 3D Tool Path Display Prior to program Run
  • Expandable 4th Axis Electronics hardware
  • Total Power Consumption = 3Ø, 440V 3.0KW Max at Full load
  • Floor Area = 1.5Mtr Length x 1.0Mtr Width x 1.8Mtr Height


  • Proudly Indian Make
  • Economic compared to equivalent imported machines and other OEMs
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy Setup and Operating CNC System
  • Any post processor Output works no need of particular Post processor setup
  • Works with all Industry standard CAD-CAM software like Master Cam, Delcam, UG NX, AutoCAD, and many more…


  • Micro Drilling
  • Copper Anod making
  • Micro Milling, Engraving in dies Harden steel
  • Jewellery making
  • Plastic Mold
  • Rubber Mold
  • Spectacles making
  • Sign Board making
  • And many more applications where Standard VMC doesn’t fit